My journey

2012-11-14 13:21:36 by joza1

Let me take you on a journey, friends. PROBLY NO ONE GONN' READ THIS LOL
*ahem* Anyway, I've decided that learning Japanese is a brilliant idea, and I'm going to write here about the absolute trainwreck that is about to occur. I also decided that I'd make a little headway before I started. So, at time of writing, I've pretty much got around Hiragana (Japanese alphabet #1, for Japanese words) and have started taking my first steps into Katakana (Japaneses alphabet #2, for non-Japanese words). Bad things will happen when I hit Kanji (Japanese alphabet #3, Chinese characters that represent entire words). I can't type the characters here, but I can ramble about them.

I have no idea how long Kanji (or a decent amount, at least, there's over 2000 characters D:) is going to take, so I'm going to make sure I've got Hiragana/Katakana down before I start. I know a few right now, the ones for 'I' and 'he/she' and a couple more ('dog', for some reason, is one of them) but I'm stopping and attacking Katakana the same way I attacked Hiragana.

Most places I've looked don't recommend doing it this way, but if I've learned anything it's 'if it works for you, go ahead and do it.' I learned Hiragana by downloading a Hiragana chart PDF thing, and using my 3DS. I started with the first 3 characters, (a, ka, ga), drawing them again and again in my 3DS notes thing, and calling it a night. The next day, I did the same with the next three (sa, za, ta) and incorporating the first three into it. Then rinse-repeat. Eventually, I went a little bit further and went for 6 or 7 a night with the last few groups of letters (by vowel, I started with the As). Not counting a weekend I had off for a college trip, I learned Hiragana in 3 weeks.

Grouping the characters works nicely. 'ka' and 'ga' are identical, except 'ga' has two little apostrophe things next to it. Same with 'sa/za', 'ta/da', and for the most part 'ha/ba/pa' ('pa' has a little circle rather than apostrophe things). That's the same across all the vowel groups, so 'ke/ge' are identical expect for the apostrophes. Grouping them like that almost halves the time you take to learn it - you don't have to learn two separate characters, just consider one the 'base' form and the other the 'apostrophe/circle' form.

At time of writing, I should be starting my Es in Katakana tonight. I'mma try and update this every time I learn something, but this is here more for Kanji when it happens.

And if anyone is wondering why I'm doing this, here's why. You know the Ace Attorney series? With Phoenix Wright and the pointing and the objections and such? There's 6 games out right now, 7th on the way, except the 6th ones probably not gonna be localised. 7th probably will, the 5th and 6th are kind off a spin-off. Anyway, I want to play the 6th one.

Yes. That is my only reason. Haterz gon' hate.


2011-07-25 19:28:48 by joza1

It's my 16th birthday.

Pokémon Emerald

2011-04-28 18:08:42 by joza1

Since I've rooted out my copy of Emerald, and gotten rid of the 4-5 month old dust, I've decided to start over and keep a little diary type thing to help me remember what I've done in a few months time, making an edit every sitting.

Yes my social life is somewhat lacklustre xD


Started out on my epic adventure. I picked Mudkip because of the meme, and because I love Water-types. Levelled him up to lvl 10, then caught a Poochyena and a Ralts. Ralts only has Growl, so I have to keep switching her out to level her up, but I love Psychic types too, so it's all good. Helped Wally (lol) catch his first Pokémon, 'cause I'm such a nice person. Trained a little before stopping for the night.

Mudkip lvl 12
Poochyena lvl 8
Ralts lvl 7


I had a day off school, so there's going to be a lot.
Headed through Petalburg Woods, then through the next route to Rustboro. I trained a bit before taking on the gym, got my guys to lvl 12-13 before I went in. I caught an Abra as well, but I'm not going to use it because it can't evolve fully :(

Took on the gym, Roxanne isn't too bad. Two Geodudes and a Nosepass, that last one was a bit of a pain though. She used about 4 Potions on it, but Mudkip got it with a nicely-done Water Gun.
Got the Devon Goods back from the team Aqua guy in the tunnel (and was told I had to take them to Slateport), and met the president who tells me to give a letter to some guy named Steven. But he gives me my Pokénav, so it's all good. (Not sure why I've switched to present tense, wtf)

I get Cut from some guy and try and teach it to one of my guys, but none of them can learn it so I go and catch Taillow and Wurmple. None of them can learn it either, so I leave it for now.

Brendan wants to fight me, and he gets that close to beating me. Ralts saved my ass there, she's getting more awesome by the second.

The guy takes me to Dewport, where I try and take on the gym there, but it kicks my ass. He has a lvl 19 Makuhita, which takes out my Ralts in one shot, and my Mudkip in 4. Decided to train in the cave, get my Ralts to lvl 16 then I take on the gym again. Brawly's Meditite keeps using Focus Punch, so I keep using Bite. He uses a Super Potion, like, 3 times. His Makuhita is complete cake now. Didn't take any damage from him, pretty sweet, pretty sweet. My Mudkip tries to evolve, but I stop it.

Make my way through the cave, and catch an Aron along the way. He's so cute :3 and he has Headbutt, whcih will be useful for training him. I get to the end and give Steven his letter.

Head right to Slateport, where my Aron immediately gets his ass kicked by a Zigzagoon that knows Surf -_- Luckily there is a Pokémon Centre close by, so it's no problem. Get a fast glimpse of Team Aqua blocking the entrance to somewhere on the way. I dick around for a while, and eventually find some guy who tells me to search for Captain Stern, who I'm supposed to give the Devon Goods to. Turns out this got rid of the Aqua guys, so I head into the museum.

I find Stern, and show him the Devon Goods. Some Aqua guys show up and try to take it, but after a couple of fights they run. I decide to level up a little before going on, 'cause I know another Brendan fight is coming up.

Brendan fight is piss easy. Aron takes out his Grovyle easily, and the rest was not hard at all. My Ralts and Poochyena evolve into Kirlia and Mightyena respectively, and they are awesome as always. I keep on going to Mauville, and get myself an acro bike. Finally decide it's time to take on the gym there after messing around a while, and go inside. There's a bunch of trainers in there, and the floor switch puzzle. The trainers aren't too bad, but when I get to the leader he kicks my ass. I'm getting urges to play Ocarina of Time again, so I'll stop here for now.

Mudkip lvl 20
Mightyena lvl 20
Kirlia lvl 20
Aron lvl 20


What, y'all thought I was gone? Pffft. Effin' exams, who needs 'em?

So I'm back in Mauville where I was, and not evolving my Mudkip. While I've been gone, me and one of my most awesome friends were drawing random Pokemon, and we had some truly epic times. His Marshtomp drawing was so amazingly derpy, I am going to evolve my Mudkip and not let it evolve into Swampert. Aw yeah. Ground type, bitches. Speaking of, Mauville gym is electric.
Problem, gym leader?

My Mudkip has now become Marshtomp, and so end the 'i herd u liek me' jokes. I can't be arsed to level up my guys any more, so I'mma go straight to the gym. I already fought all the trainers, so I just gots to get past the doors D: He starts with a Voltorb, and Rollout does bugger-all to Marshtomp. Mud-slap gets him down to red. I lost 4HP to Rollout before the second Mud-slap took him out.
He sends out his Electrike, who starts with a Howl, and Marshtomp slaps him with mud. I think that's going to be the only move I use. Gets him down to half. Another takes him out, not before he hits me with a Quick Attack.

Next up is Magneton, his ace, who I'm not sure has Levitate, bu an experimental slap with wet soil tells me that no, it doesn't. It Supersonics Marshtomp. Dick move, game. Then Sonicboom. Another slap gets him to the red.




I Super Potion Marshtomp, 'cause I can, and Sonicboom misses. My luck is turning around! It misses again, but Marshtomp hurts himself. Sonicboom hits, and Marshtomp snaps out of it and slaps him again. He'sdown to 11HP, so I Super Potion him again. As does Wattson.


Sonicboom misses, Marshtomp gets a slap in, Supersonic misses (thank God) and Slap The Second gets him down to the red. Out of PP for slapping, so a Water Gun finishes him nicely, and gets Marshtomp a level up. I switch to Aron for his Manectric, probably a bad idea, but what can you do?


MANECTRIC is his ace. Aww sheet. Oh well, give it a shot Aron!
He starts with Howl, and my Headbutt does eff-all, so I use-
It killed my Aron with one Shock Wave.


Maaaaaaarshtoooooomp? We need you, stat!
He busts out the Water Gun, and Manectric uses Quick Attack, not too bad. Water Gun doesn't do a helluve lot, but at least Marsh is immune to electric. Same again for a couple of turns, he gets me to 15HP then uses a berry to get back in the green. I Super Potion again, and Manectric does Howl. Crap, this could be dangerous.

I say 'screw this' and bust out the Leppa Berry to get slap back. Then immediately Super Potion again as his Quick Attack crits and takes me to 6HP. Man, I suck.
My slapping made his accuracy fall. I reckon one more slap might do it, but if Quick Attack hits, I'm dead. This is risky.


*hits Mud-slap*
Quick Attack hits.
Ah well. It was fun while it lasted. I got a Revive, I can use that if need be.
I send out Mightyena to cut his attack a bit, then hit with a Bite, not before he gets me with Shock Wave. Takes me down to yellow, and Static does it's job.
Let's try another Bite-
Shock Wave gets me.


Come on Kirlia!
He doesn't Super Potion like I expect him to, instead Shock Waves.

Ok, I'm not going to type my second attempt in detail like that. I'mma go buy some more potions and crap, I'mma be right back.

Attempt The Second
- I can hardly breathe for laughing! His Voltorb used Selfdestruct and it missed!
- Electrike doesn't even get the chance to Quick Attack xD Probably 'cause Mud-slap reduces accuracy sometimes :D
- Marshtomp is level 23
- Magneton gets me down to 10HP, nothing a Super Potion can't handle
- Slapping Manectric gets him to the point where his accuracy is so low he can't attack, Marsh finishes him with a few Water Guns :D
- Level 24 :3

I got exams tomorrow, so nighty-night NG!

Marshtomp lvl 24
Mightyena lvl 20
Kirlia lvl 20
Aron lvl 20


I've been on Diamond a lot recently, so yeah. Anyway, I go back down cycling road with my shiny new acro bike, and do some more messing around in Slateport. Wow, my guys are more awesome than I remembered!

I head back up to Mauville, and switch for a mach bike because I'm hardcore and that's the way I ROLL. Then I go up from Mauville, fight a couple trainers, nothing special. My guys go up a few levels. Quickly head back to Mauville when I realise I don't have Rock Smash, grab it off some guy then teach it to Mightyena. We head back to the rocks, and Mightyena does her job.

I make my way across Route 111, quickly realising just how awesome my team really is. We get to Mt. Chimney, where Magma guys block our way to Lavaridge (I guess) so we go through Fiery Path.

After fighting a bunch of Koffing, we make it through and fight another bunch of trainers. A Makuhita completely murders Mightyena, but Kirlia gets a crit Confusion on him, so it's all good :D

After some random Roselia completely owns Aron and Mightyena, we finally make it to Fallarbor, where I heal and go back to see the trainers I missed, and the wild Pokemon I can catch.
I catch a Swablu, and decide to train it to the same level as my other guys before I move on with the story proper. We make our way from Fallarbor through some rocky area to Meteor Falls, where we find out that Aqua and Magma are rival teams, and we find out Magma have robbed off with a meteorite.

Following the path somehow takes us back to Rustboro, but now we have Rock Smash we can get to Verdanturf. Oh, and our father still doesn't want to take us on. Nothing much in Verdanturf, so we fight a bunch of trainers on the way back to Mauville. Yeah, we just made a giant loop.

And Kirlia learns Psychic. She is amazing.

So, now the Magma guys aren't blocking our way to the cable car, we make our way up the mountain where Magma have taken the meteorite. After an easy fght with a Magma admin, we have a crazy fight against Maxie. Swablu pecks Zubat to death but gets down to the yellow in the process, his Mightyena nearly kills Marsh but we switch to our own Mightyena and Rock Smash him, and Kirlia's Pyschic plus Marsh's Water Gun take down his Camerupt. Very cool. But we lose Kirlia in the process. Not so cool. And we get the meteorite.

Swablu gets killed on the way down Jagged Pass, and Marsh is almost dead, so we're having to depend on Mightyena a lot here. Eventually we get through to Lavaridge, and someone give us an egg. What is inside? We'll find out soon :D

We head into Lavaridge Gym, Fire type as you might guess, and mess around with the transport system, which is random piles of stuff either shooting you upwards or letting you fall through it. We also fight a few trainers. We make it to Flannery.

Holy SHIT, I love her hair :3

We start with Marsh, and she starts with Numel. One Water Gun, no problem.
She sends out Slugma, who takes two, but gets a Sunny Day up before he goes. That could be problematic.

Camerupt next, and we keep doing more of the same. It uses Attract, and we'll probably get all screwed up. We get him down to the red, then Flannery Hypers him. And we get immobilized.

HOW exactly could you love that? Anyway, he uses Sunny Day again, but Water Gun gets him.
Out comes Torkoal, her ace I assume, and we start with Water Gun again.
WOW that did nothing
He gets a crit Body Slam, and I use one of my many soda pops to heal up again.

He Sunny Days AGAIN and I get screwed over by love AGAIN. Seeing a pattern yet?
Overheat gets me to 5 HP, but I heal again. BUT NO MATTER because Body Slam crits AGAIN.
Overheat kills me. Wa-hay.

Kirlia goes out, and we Psychic him.That did pretty good. Also, same gender, so no Attract.
Kirlia goes down to ANOTHER CRIT, so I send out Mightyena. Bite does fuck all, but he Hypers anyway, so it's all good! </sarcasm>

We revive Marsh, and Mightyena goes down.
Mud Slap don't do a lot but it reduces accuracy. He keeps Overheating but I keep healing, just to be a troll and get him to bring down his own Special Attack.
Paralyzed down to Body Slam, paralyze heal, it's all good.

Except for when he paralyzes me again straight after. Not cool, game.

I give up and Mud Slap, but he Attracts first. Or I should say she.
We do it again for another few rounds, he's doing barely anything to me with Body Slam. He Sunny Days, I'm guessing he's got another Fire move.

I think he's out of PP
You get the point.
We eventually whittle him down to red, and Headbutt the rest of the way.
And there's Flannery!

I'm actually going to change this up, so I only write down gym battles, any more Maxie/Archie battles, and the Elite 4, maybe other stuff I think is important. So yeah.

Oh, and Brendan just gave me Go-Goggles, so we can go through the sandstorm. And it looks like we have to go fight our dad. Damn crazy-powerful normal types.


Marshtomp lvl 28
Mightyena lvl 26
Kirlia lvl 26
Aron lvl 26
Swablu lvl 23
Egg lvl :D

Petalburg Gym

'Kay, so he starts with Spinda, and I start with Marsh. I switch to Kirlia, who Traces his Own Tempo, so Teeter Dance doesn't work :D Then I use Pyschic and he uses Facade. He heals, and kills me next turn.

I go for Aron, and MISCLICK but I'm confused anyway :D Spinda goes for Pyseam, doesn't do much, but Aron is still confused D:
He snaps out of it, and gets Spinda to the red. One more Pysbeam, and I'M CONFUSED AGAIN
One Super Potion later, and I'm good to go. Headbutt takes him out.
He goes for Slaking, and I try and Headbutt him. He Counters me i hate slaking i really do

I switch to Mightyena, and Bite crits, but still doesn't do much.
He uses Yawn, but we get him to the yellow until he sitruses back up to green oh how i hate you
So I'm asleep, and he use Facade and it's really powerful for some reason. I switch back to Marsh and Water Gun him. It does virtually nothing, but yeah. He puts me to sleep, so I switch to Swablu because of Natural Cure. Steel Wing does fuck all of anything, but I switch to Aron, then back to Swablu after a quick Headbutt.

A few Steel Wings, and Counter doesn't do much, but Facade does aww crap.
I switch for Marsh, and revive Swablu. I hope for Marsh to wake up, and he gets a crit Water Gun, then another, and Slaking is down.
He sends out Vigoroth, and I go for a revive on Kirlia. He slashes me, and Marsh is down. I send out Kirlia, and Super Potion.


Aron goes out, and I heal him. I'm still asleep, so I have to wait it out before I can attack D:
Aron is an absolute tank, he really is :DDDDD
Take Down does a crap ton of damage to Vigoroth, but he Hypers him so it's all negated anyway D:
We eventually get him with Headbutt, dammit I don't like normal types.

His last one is Linoone, and I JUST KNEW YOU'D BELLY DRUM
He cuts his HP in half, Take Down crits and Petalburg is done on the trollest move ever

Important post is important </overused meme>

2010-01-31 17:24:15 by joza1

This shit be important y'all
My PM inbox is full. I'm so popular :3
I've made an alt account to get around this, not sure if that's allowed but I don't see why it wouldn't be. Here it is, there's nothing on it but I'm only using it for PMs anyway. Oh, and confusing people when I forget to sign out of it when I comment on people's news posts. xD

Now I'm off to tell the MCC of these important matters.


Well hi thar.

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Well hi thar.